Business in the garage Top 10 business ideas for the production, sale of goods and services

What you can open a business in the garage
What business to open in the garage
Increasingly, passing in his garage cooperative, I see how the men are messing around all the time, and people gather around them. Not so long ago I asked one neighbor what he was doing, that people constantly go to him, he said that he sells dried meat and fish, as it turned out, this is his main income at the moment.

One of my distant relative, quit shift work and opened a tire shop in his garage cooperative. Now he does not know free time, as the flow of people is constant, especially in the offseason, during the "pereobuvki". By the way, it does not go to the members of the garage cooperative, but on the contrary, people passing by, because the territorial location of his garage is very successful.

Not so long ago, the guys from the neighboring cooperative opened in the garage service noise insulation cars, in the early stages near their garage was placed 1 car, and another was in the garage. Now they bought another garage behind and built on the second floor. How did I know? The fact is that these young guys rent the first garage and somehow his owner put up a garage for sale, on terms that no one would kick the guys out of there (I wanted to buy it). As a result, the guys tensed and bought the garage themselves.

In the spring I decided to buy a bike and found Vkontakte one guy who is engaged in the Assembly of bicycles. In his group a huge number of reviews and photos available bicycles and accessories. I was not very surprised when I came to him, and he has a double garage, equipped for the workshop, and on the walls hang ready-made copies, as well as parts for Assembly and for sale (frames, wheels, etc.). He collected and re-equipped bikes many athletes.

I was interested in this topic, and I decided to collect a selection of business ideas that can be implemented in the garage.

Top 10 business ideas in the garage
Business ideas in the garage
Below is a selection of 10 business ideas in the garage. We collected them on the Internet, took something from personal experience and the experience of our friends.

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This is not all that you can organize in your garage, so we ask you in the comments below the article to share your business ideas in the garage.

1. Production of design objects and decorative sculptures
Minimum investment-120 000 dollars.

The essence of this project is the organization of a small workshop for the production of decorative elements from gypsum or concrete mix. Such interesting decorations are in demand among designers and builders. They can be issued a farmstead of a private house, a room in an apartment or office. This original business project is great for people with good artistic taste.

Realization of idea

Implement this garage business from scratch can be independently through a simple process and a minimum number of technological operations. To start production you will need:

special molds for the ebb of original jewelry;
a set of tools and equipment for mixing solutions;
a certain amount of raw materials.
Modern technology allows you to make a plaster copy of any statue or decorative element. Good income will give not only the production of individual orders, but also different types of stucco, balusters for stairs. This production has a high profitability. One baluster or vase for decorating a private yard takes material in the amount of not more than $ 600. It can be implemented at a price of $ 1500 and above. Small costs for advertising and production of original products will help to recoup the project in a few months.

2. Business in the garage for the production of metal products
Minimum investment-100 000 dollars.

The essence of the business project-the arrangement of a mini – shop for the production of various metal products. Very popular decorations, grilles and openwork details for the design of private houses. It is easy to implement in a standard garage and get a good income at low financial costs.

Realization of idea

To start production, it is necessary to slightly refit the garage with the help of:

equipment installation (milling machine, welding machine, grinder and drill);
the arrangement of the ventilation system;
connection to transmission lines at 380 volts.
It is possible to work independently or involving the workmate for implementation of volume projects. To offer their services is the construction companies or private individuals. Making high-quality and affordable metal doors, fence sections or barbecues for cafes can quickly recoup the business. The selling price is 100% of the cost. During the day it is possible to produce one grill with elements of forging. Its price for the client starts from 7000 dollars. Therefore, the sale of 10 such products will give a net income of at least 30 000 dollars. The monthly revenue depends on the production capacity of the business owner.
3. Foam processing business
Minimum investment-160 000 dollars.

The essence of the project – the organization of production of decorative elements of foam with a special machine. It allows to produce any three-dimensional form and elements of the cheap cost of the material. This product is in demand among decorators, designers, who additionally paint it and add their details. The technology of artistic cutting has practically no competition among large manufacturers.

Realization of idea

The main investment in this project is the purchase of a special machine that easily fits in a conventional garage. By attracting professional carvers and designers to cooperate, you can offer consumers unique products and jewelry. Certain investments will require technical equipment, which provides powerful hoods and installation of tables for work.

Decorative products made of foam have a low cost. One running meter of letters popular among customers costs from 150 dollars at the cost of 80-100 dollars. This gives a net profit from one capital letter to 300-500 dollars. Its products can be offered via the Internet, or directly working with design offices and studios.

4. Glass processing
Minimum investment-120 000 dollars.

The essence of the project-the arrangement in the garage of the workshop for decorating glass and mirrors with a sandblaster. Such services are constantly in demand in small furniture shops and individuals who order original parts for rooms or offices. It will be relevant to apply non-standard images and shapes that are difficult to perform the factory method.

Realization of idea

Production is easily placed in the garage and requires only the purchase of a special sandblasting machine, a minimum set of tools and raw materials. Training and design skills are practically not required: all images are applied using a stencil. Marking the picture does not take much time, but increases the cost of a conventional mirror or glass 2-3 times.

It is possible to offer the services on the Internet on advertizing portals or, agreeing on cooperation with private furniture makers. Additional income can give a figured and exclusive cutting mirrors, replacing simple glazing in furniture sets to non-standard and original.

5. Glass cutting
Initial investment-20 000 dollars.

The basis of this business idea-the conversion of garage space into a full – fledged workshop for cutting ordinary and corrugated glass. Such a project can be perfectly developed in large cities, where there is no falling demand for replacement of glass in industrial or residential buildings. The fashion for glass furniture adds work to replace the broken countertops and mirrors. Competition in this business is quite moderate even in millions of cities.

Realization of idea

The project to open such a workshop is ideal in the absence of large funds for the purchase of special equipment. The master will need a large table, which can be done independently. The main costs-quality glass cutters and purchase of the first batch of glass. To save money it should be purchased in a special package. Finding a permanent supplier is quite a big problem in this project.

At the initial stage, you will need to distribute information about your location using ads and leaflets. The offer of cooperation with housing and communal organizations can give a good profit. Direct treatment of Directors of enterprises, commercial organizations or educational institutions can have an effect.

6. Turner services
Minimum investment-50 000 dollars.

The essence of the business project is the equipment in the garage of a mini-workshop for the manufacture of various parts and products on a lathe. Such services are in demand among the owners of auto repair shops and small businesses that do not have a Turner in the state. This type of activity has practically no competition in the market.

Realization of idea

For equipment in the garage of the lathe shop will require the purchase of a special machine and a standard set of tools. The machine with program control will provide great opportunities. It has a high price, but relatively quickly pay off by performing complex and accurate parts for cars, bicycles. Work should man, with a good experience Turner and certain skills. Services can be offered via the Internet.

The minimum work on threading starts from 100 dollars. Additional income can give the manufacture of dumbbells for gyms, small parts for garages and repair points for sports bikes.

7. Furniture production
Initial decisions-100 000 dollars.

The essence of the project is the equipment in the garage of the workshop for the production of Cabinet furniture for an apartment or office for individual sizes of private customers. In this business, the competition among small and large manufacturers is quite high.

Realization of idea

To start the project, you need to purchase a set of tools, a machine and a work table. Such a profitable business does not require serious investments and specialized equipment. At first, the work can be limited to one worker, and the presence of your own car will solve the problem of transportation.

You can save space and time by ordering large parts of Cabinet furniture from large manufacturers. Then in the garage will stay properly put together and sanded to complement the hardware future wardrobe or bed. Orders are accepted through the online store, advertising and ads are placed in social networks, leaflets are offered near busy stops and metro stations. A good additional income can give the provision of services for the Assembly of ready-made kits from hypermarkets of furniture at home at the customer.

8. Production of frames for greenhouses
Minimum costs-150 000 dollars.

Project essence – purchasing of necessary equipment for the production of frameworks of greenhouses and create the garage shop to collect such products. Many private customers are happy to use the service for construction of greenhouses at its suburban area or farmstead. The business idea will be relevant in the conditions of growing demand for healthy and tasty products.

Realization of idea

Modern greenhouses are made of light plastic and polycarbonate. The basis is made of plastic pipes, so the installation requires some skills. To work, you need to purchase a set of tools and equipment for working with plastic. Such business stands out:

low cost of materials;
simplicity of production and short terms;
good profitability and quick payback.
Most potential customers live outside the city, so you will need the initial cost of advertising. A good additional income can be obtained for the installation of such structures on the territory of the client.

9. Store opening
The initial capital of 120 000 dollars.

The essence of the project-the equipment and the opening of the garage of the outlet. The idea can be realized if the gate of the building faces the road. This is often a method of trading in small towns and villages through which the road of the popular and important route. The most popular may be industrial goods, automotive parts and components, stationery or building materials. Relevant such business will be in places of a large flow of cars.

Realization of idea

The initial cost of opening such a non-standard outlet will be:

repair and decoration of premises;
installation of commercial equipment;
purchase of initial quantities of goods.
Focusing the store on food will require the purchase or rental of expensive refrigerated display cases and compliance with sanitary standards. Like any trading company, the point must have the appropriate documents for the work. The monthly income of such a store can reach 20-30 thousand dollars per month. This will allow the project to pay off completely in six months with a rational approach to pricing.

10. Production of netting
Initial costs - up to 300 000 dollars.

The essence of the business project in his garage-the installation of special equipment and the production of metal mesh– netting. This popular material is in constant demand in private households and for construction needs. Due to the affordable price it is used as a simple fence. The low cost of mesh-netting makes the business project popular and profitable.

Realization of idea

Place a mini-shop for the production of practical mesh can be in a normal garage with the supplied communications. Having your own car will help to reduce the amount of transport costs and solve the problem of delivery of goods to customers. To organize the production process you will need:

Special machine and a small set of locksmith tools.
Such a project is difficult to implement alone, and an assistant is needed at some stages of the work.
The average percentage of profitability ranges from 15-25% based on the selling price. Profit and payback depends entirely on the volume of sales, so do not forget about advertising the product in different ways.

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