15 Business Ideas Without Investments

I want to offer you ideas for business without investments. Choose suitable and-run to earn!

The current economic situation in the country very few people are happy and that is quite objective reasons: the prices are high, salaries are small, good jobs in the afternoon with the fire will not find.

What should be done in such a situation?

No, do not whine and complain to all friends!

We need to look for new sources of income.

Today I want to offer you business ideas without investments.

Of course, millions of capital for the first year of activity, they will not bring you, but to support the soul in the body in difficult times, and even become the main work for the long term will be able.

Are there any ideas for business without investments?

First, let's label the word "attachments" to make sure we understand it the same way.

If you are a little interested in business plans, you understand that even in order to open a modest business, the same stall with Shawarma, you need money.

But there is a business that requires millions of investments, and there is one that you can start doing with only a few thousand, and even in General – using not money, but its advantages over other people.

If you want to start to engage business, not possessing nor special knowledge, nor five rubles for investment, nor material base, then continue to believe in forest region full of fairies and fairy unicorns.

Better yet, find a job and be glad you're getting paid at all.

The business does not tolerate random passengers, sloth and the Goonies.

In this case, in order to get something, you need to invest something.

In our case, "something" - you have acquired knowledge, skills, invested money in real estate, car, machinery, etc.

If you have it, then to start a business, large cash investments are not required.

Creative ideas for business without investments
"My best entrepreneurial advice? Begin!В»
Dave Morin

Creative people often find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

On the one hand, they seem to be lucky: God gave them talent.

On the other hand – not very lucky, because few of them are able to use their talents for good earnings.

And yet, I believe that business and creativity-compatible things, and special investments do not need to do:

  • Copywriting.
If you are good at putting letters into words and words into sentences, then writing texts to order is an ideal business without attachments for you.
To implement this idea, in addition to your abilities, you need a computer connected to the Internet, free time and perseverance.
I already, perhaps, you are tired of constant reminders of his girlfriend, who is engaged in such a business without investment, but still: Olga still writes texts to order and quite happy with their earnings.
Photo-, video shooting.
You need a photo and/or video camera, knowledge of programs and talent to capture a beautiful frame.
You can shoot anything: weddings, birthdays, christenings, corporate parties, graduation, etc.
  • Guide.
My friend's uncle is a local historian and works in a Museum.
Salaries of Museum staff are scanty, so he decided to use his knowledge to open a business without investment.
He on their pages in social networks and on urban forums offers excursion accompaniment on a region.
A lot of money on this, but do not consider their occupation good additional earnings.
  • Handmaid.
Is that what you do with your hands?
Knit, sew, embroider, paint boards and boxes, create beautiful cards…
Any of these skills can be used.
What you create can be sold.
  • Animator.
Are you able to organize holidays, come up with creative entertainment and keep the attention of the public? Your business without investment – the animation, the work of the master of ceremonies at weddings, the leading corporate events etc.
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Business ideas without investments: we use our knowledge and skills
If you have studied well at the University or just over the years have acquired useful knowledge and skills, then perhaps you will fit one of these business options without investment.

  • Creation of sites.
Well, a very profitable idea for the business, if you know how to create websites.
You can offer other services: reinstall Windows, install software, treatment of computer from viruses etc.
  • Tutorship.
Do you perfectly know a foreign or native language, or maybe a great mathematician, physicist, chemist, historian, etc.?
Sell your knowledge to children and adults.
"The husband on an hour".
Are you a very handy man with a set of tools that can easily eliminate any damage?
Then offer your services to those who do not have such talents.
This business without investments is very promising because there are so few handymen left.
  • Repair.
It is possible to repair everything that you are able: residential and office buildings, clothes and footwear, household and office equipment, cars.
Cakes and other to order.
All the guests are begging to give them a piece of the gorgeous cake you baked?
And why not stop squandering your talents for free?
Start a custom-made oven right at home.
The only investments in this idea are products for cakes.
Ideas for business without investments: we use our material advantages
For example, during the good earnings you did wisely: bought a good car, bought an apartment.

Or you are lucky: you inherited an apartment or a collection of antiquities.

Now all this can be used for business without investments.

  • Auto transportations.
If you have a car-taxi, cargo-start to engage in transportation.
Of course, our roads are not the best environment for such a business, but only the children of oligarchs live in greenhouse conditions, and even then – not always.
  • Renting an apartment.
A free apartment can be rented monthly, daily or even hourly.
This is a non-dusty business, money is dripping good, and taxes can be avoided.
In an extreme case, if the money is very necessary, you can rent a free room in your apartment.
  • Online bidding.
If you have any antiquities or unnecessary valuables, you can sell them at online auctions.
If this is the case you will Saporita, you will be able to engage in resales.
To make your business successful without investments,

Business ideas without investments for those less fortunate
I understand that there are people who do not have any special talents or knowledge, and they can not use their material benefits because of their absence, but they still want to do business without investments.

Three simple ideas for you.

  • Cleaning.
Offer your services for cleaning apartments, houses, and offices.
Will work on the conscience - quickly gets regular customers.
My relative in Kiev, spending on cleaning of apartments only 8 days a month, earns 5 thousand hryvnias.
Mystery shopper.
I think that the essence of this case is already familiar to all and I can do without explanations.
The main thing not to run into scams, and find a company that is really ready to pay their mystery shoppers.
Telephone operator.
It is rather not a business without investments, but a job for which you need only a telephone and free time.
If you have a beautiful voice and do not suffer from prejudices, will be able to earn pretty well, speaking of impropriety (I'm talking about sex on the phone if someone else misunderstood).
Well, that I was able to convince you that business ideas without investment are there?

Choose suitable and-run to earn!
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