Shadow of the Tomb Raider review: Delicious comfort food for armchair adventurers

On the subject of breathtaking scenery, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a showcase for what an Xbox One can do. I had the luxury of playing the bulk of the game on an Xbox One X, which allowed me to enjoy both 4K resolution and HDR lighting effects, and it made for a gobsmacking visual display. Looking out over jungle vistas, the sun blazing low over the canopy, sparkling off of water reflecting golden ruins…it doesn’t get much better than this for connoisseurs of video game graphics.

Of course, this same series of compliments was also paid to Shadow of the Tomb Raider�s two predecessors. Perhaps the hardest thing about making great games that push boundaries is that once you’ve made one or two, you’re expected to continue generating unexpected delights, and I didn’t get the sense that Square Enix Montreal was raising any bars here. It’s gorgeous and fun and focused on the right things, but I was waiting for some sort of flabbergasting, game-changing element — be it in character, plot, or game mechanics — that never arrived.

Perhaps that just makes me a bit greedy. But a player’s heart wants what it wants.

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