Cryptodires 16.12.2017: bitcoin has over 19 000 $

Cryptodires 16 December: bitcoin again updates the historical maximum, the EU authorities will oblige the users of cryptocurrency exchanges to undergo a mandatory verification, bitcoin BitPay processing now supports Bitcoin Cash in Germany sell 126 confiscated bitcoins, the Chicago stock exchange CME will introduce potential buyers with cryptocurrencies, Coinbase went to settings Snapchat and Instagram

Bitcoin at $19 000
Saturday, 16 December, the average rate of bitcoin for the first time exceeded the mark of $19 000. As of 14:20 UTC, the figure, according to Coinmarketcap, was $19 060.90.

Thus, in recent days, the cryptocurrency has grown in price by another 7%, and its market capitalization at the time of writing was estimated at $317.9 billion. If we talk about the weekly chart for this period of time, bitcoin has increased in price by more than 25%.

Note that the total capitalization of cryptocurrencies, earlier this week exceeded $500 billion, up to this point has increased to $561.4 billion, of which 56.1% is in bitcoin.

The EU will introduce mandatory verification of users of cryptocurrency exchanges
The EU authorities in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism intend to introduce more stringent requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges. The agreement was made on Friday, December 15. About it writes Reuters.

The main requirement of legislators will be a ban on the operations on condition of anonymity. There will also be limited opportunities for using prepaid cards.

"The agreement will ensure greater transparency in the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism", — said the representative of the European Commission, Vera jourova.

Exchanges and wallets that provide services for the exchange and storage of crypto-currencies will be required to identify their clients. In addition, the European investigating authorities will have more access to information, including banking records and data on trust property.

New rules must be officially approved by all member States of the EU, and then adopted at the national level within 18 months.

Earlier it was reported about the intention of the European Commission to develop new penalties for cryptocurrency-related crimes. Also, the EU authorities are working on the creation of the European Agency for cyber security, to be responsible for this task.

Bitcoin processing BitPay added support for Bitcoin Cash
The processing of the cryptocurrency service BitPay announced support of Bitcoin payments Cash. The company also plans in future to expand the list of supported currencies.

According to the report BitPay, the decision was taken due to the increased commissions in the network of bitcoin – this contributed to a wider adoption of crypto currencies and a significant increase in its prices this year.

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The company also confirmed that it is working on the implementation of the Protocol SegWit, which will help to solve this problem.

"We are already working on support SegWit transactions that reduce the fee to miners for more than 40%. However, with the current average Commission about $20 we also know that one bitcoin can not meet the demand for blockchain payments," — said in BitPay.

In this regard, the company intends to expand the list of supported currencies, and the first step was adding Bitcoin Cash support which has previously been activated in a purse Copay.

Recall that BitPay offers solutions for companies and merchants wishing to accept payments in the cryptocurrency whose customers often have no deep knowledge in this field. The processing service will automatically convert bitcoins to local currency, avoiding losses associated with the jumps of course, and also eliminates the need to worry about the safety of the private keys.

The company also offers a bitcoin debit card that allows to pay with bitcoin in the real world.

We will remind, earlier this week, BitPay announced the closing of a funding round Series B, which attracted $30 million

Germany will auction seized bitcoins from drug dealers
The authorities of the state of Hesse will hold in the near future, auction of bitcoins seized at the time from drug traffickers, and I hope to get for them 2 million euros. About it writes Der Tagesspiegel.

According to the publication, will be exhibited for sale 126 bitcoins that were seized in 2014, a joint operation of police of Hesse, of Europol and the FBI in relation to working in the darknet of markeplaces, Hydra, and Silk Road 2.0

Currently, the cryptocurrency is at the disposal of the power structures of the city of Giessen, and at the time of withdrawal at its theoretical sale of power would have received only 50 thousand Euro. Thanks to the growing price of bitcoin today, this amount is estimated at nearly 2 million euros.

"We treat bitcoin as perishable products and therefore bidding on", said the Prosecutor of the Central office for the fight against cybercrime Benjamin Krause.

Official information about the number of confiscated bitcoins today is in the hands of the German authorities in General, yet. However, the Federal office for criminal Affairs declared that they are going to conduct relevant statistics from next year.

We will remind, in a number of countries for several years practiced the auctioning of confiscated bitcoins. In particular, the U.S. has carried out several auctions in which was implemented cryptocurrency seized in the investigation of the now-defunct marketplace Silk Road. A similar auction took place last year in Australia and last summer in South Korea.

CME has launched a course for beginners on the bitcoin
Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME Group Inc) on the eve of the start of trading BTC (Bitcoin) launched a short course on bitcoin for beginners.

The basic course is divided into three parts, which tells about the cryptocurrency and trades and the index that will be used on the trading floor. At the end of each material proposed to respond to test questions in test format. After passing the final test, receive a certificate of completion.

Earlier it was reported that CME intends to impose restrictions on trade bitcoin futures: in response to the intraday drop prices by 7%, 13% and 20% trigger switches, temporarily stopping the trade.

We will remind, on December 1, the Commission on trade commodity futures U.S. (CFTC) has allowed two exchanges — CME Group and CBOE to launch futures trading on bitcoin.

The Coinbase for trading digital currencies bypassed by installations Snapchat and Instagram
The number of installations of the app Coinbase, which allows you to exchange dollars for bitcoins, for a week from 5 to 12 December is twice as many as Instagram and Snapchat. This writes Inc. citing data from research firm Sensor Tower.

It is the primary installations of the app on devices running iOS, the newspaper notes. For a week the number of installations Coinbase has reached 700 thousand.

Leadership app did not last long: today Coinbase in the number of plants is inferior to Snapchat and Instagram (the app is on the 11th place). In mid-November, the wallet was not even in the top 300 apps in the us App Store.

Statistics Sensor Tower indicates that further strengthening of the bitcoin will only support the popularity of cryptocurrency wallets.

A week ago, the bitcoin price increased by $2.5 thousand in one day. The course strengthened before the advent of the first bitcoin futures on the stock market. In December, Bloomberg talked about a thousand "bilinovich whales", which owns 40% of the market.
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