Litecoin reduces the transaction cost

The price of Litecoin after the holidays continued to rise and the asset returned to the price level of$300.

But it looks like Charlie Lee is not going to stop its achievements and is prepared for users of the next surprise. In his twitter account Charlie posted another post, which reported that:

"For the next release of the Litecoin reference client we reduce the transaction cost of 0.001 LTC / kb (for$ 0.30 / kb) to 0.00001 LTC ($ 0,003 / kb). We hope that next week, when people will see the new transaction fees, we will reduce the actual minimal fee to 0.0001 LTC / kb (of$ 0.03 / kb)."
Thus the developers made another very important step is to improve important characteristics for any cryptocurrency.
Given the fact that Litecoin is a veteran of the cryptocurrency market and is in the list of the most popular of cryptocurrencies, and most importantly gained popularity among users as a practical tool, this message will only strengthen the popularity of a digital asset and may trigger a new wave of growth in the beginning of 2018.
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