Ripple is a random product developments or promising cryptocurrency

As we all know, the era of technological progress affects all spheres of life. If the mankind knew only one main currency – gold – on it was built the economy of large corporations and countries, but now the cryptocurrency is not less valuable – digital "gold" every day is gaining momentum and presented to the user in a variety of options, one of which is Ripple.

In this article we will explain what cryptocurrency Ripple, what its features, advantages and disadvantages, and is it possible? how to do it and more.

The history of Ripple
The developer of the cryptocurrency Ripple is Jack McCaleb. He showed to the world their offspring, which was the eDonkey file sharing and project MtGox, in the 2006th year. When the last Mark Karpeles programmer working on your main project OpenCoin. In the 2011th year, he was also bought Karpeles – the buyer has rewritten the code and since the acquisition of the project led its activities.

After 2 years began to actively develop the global exchange cryptocurrency. At this point McCaleb decided to sell OpenCoin, which was renamed Ripple, Ripple Labs, the company behind the promotion of this cryptocurrency is to be grateful for it.
That is, Ripple as cryptocurrency in General was not planned. McCaleb just worked on the interface of the exchange, where it would be possible to operate with different currencies, services and goods. In the course of the work attention was paid to the cryptocurrency, which led to the emergence of the light Ripple.

What is Ripple? Whether this product cryptocurrency is definitely Yes. The cryptocurrency Ripple is not altain for the reason that is not being used basing on the blockchain. How, then everything works – you ask. The system uses a special "payment gateways". Their work contributes to the manifestation of user interest in the currency Ripple. By the way, her tokens are identified by XPR. These tokens are quite high in demand on many markets, making Ripple and promising long-term project.

If the definition of Ripple, we understand, will be the logical next question: what is 1 Ripple. Just say that the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency depends on the amount of investment in it. If at the beginning of 2017-year one coin was equivalent to 0.01 US dollar, over a short period of time, the rate was even increased to 0.3 USD per token. On the date of 14 September 2017 year 1 Ripple is 0,1987 dollars. According to statistics, the Ripple is on the third place by market capitalization after the leader of the list – Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The distinctive features of Ripple
Now let's find out what are the features of Ripple. Each cryptocurrency has its own characteristics, and Ripple is no exception. Its features are:

Software scripts are provided free of charge. They are in full accessibility, allowing the currency to develop successfully;
Ripple means "ripples on water". Cryptocurrency is characterized by the ability to take different stock equivalents;
the algorithm of this system is fundamentally different from bitcoin algorithm that provides full protection against tampering by attackers.
at present, the total number of Ripple coins in the network is 100 billion;
each user can create their own exchange points, and transactions are carried out according to the established user agreements after mutual agreement;
the ability to cancel planned operations unlike operating other cryptocurrencies;
the lack of commissions for conducting transactions;
saving account wallets the history of all transactions.
the inability of mining Ripple. To coins only through the exchange or the participation in computing. The calculations are of a different nature medical, scientific and so on. When you rent a facilities you get a reward from the company Ripple. You can participate in pool or farm.

Due to the fact that Ripple is not mine, using math, the company makes a significant contribution to the development of science, medicine and other spheres of human activity, solving a huge problem.

The working principle of cryptocurrency Ripple
With the question "Ripple – what is the" we already figured out, now it's how it works. If you want the data from the original source, the official website of the Ripple provides a full data package. But if you want available on your home, then read the main information on.

Thus, the scheme of work with Ripple are very similar to the standard exchange operations with any currency.

With all transactions you will carry out on a contractual basis, meaning you agree with another user, the terms of exchange, when you come to a common denominator, a deal will be made.

In this case, you do not pay any fees for use of the platform, transfer or any other their actions.

The value of the currency Ripple
What good is a Ripple – you will ask. Why choose it? In addition to the above, namely a stable and fast growing course system that is different from other Bitcoin and Ripple has such advantages:

the lack of physical transactions.
no risk for loss of funds or identity theft;
no need to provide sensitive data.
Are there any disadvantages Ripple? Some experienced users say about the low reliability of the security system, however, we note that today in system resources there was no invasion, that already says a lot.

Working with Ripple wallet
If you have cryptocurrency, it should be a purse for her. That's right, and this article is about this. To create a Ripple wallet just go to the website

It to create the purse will redirect you to the link on check-in. Process standard:

Go and click the "Register"button;
Fill in the suggested fields;
Come up with a username and password to remember or write down the password and stored in inaccessible places;
Get the address Ripple.

What is the Ripple address- this address created by your wallet, which we use for operations with this cryptocurrency.

It is also important to know that all the resources for the storage and operation of the Ripple migrated GateHub – keep this in mind when searching for customers.

Coin mining Ripple
How to make Ripple – this is probably the most relevant question among fans of the cryptocurrency and fans to Fund your account capital. To dispel all your doubts and not to mislead, it is worth noting that the Ripple is not mine. Not at all. The developers initially ruled out the possibility of mining coins. They just released an edition size of 100 billion, of which 35 percent was put into circulation, and 65 percent left their assets. When carrying out each transaction, you keep the order of the 0.00001 XRP is burning the Board, which, though reduces your capital, but increases the cost of each coin, which is more important.

The simplest way of mining coins Ripple is their purchase. To "catch" coins on exchanges or exchangers.

Use monitoring to facilitate the search. Exchanges need to carefully monitor the exchange rate to buy currency at the best price and not to miscalculate.

Insights on cryptocurrency Ripple
What can you say about the cryptocurrency Ripple? The project is very promising and interesting for those wishing to make a profitable investment and for seekers the opportunity to earn. Despite the fact that the rate of Ripple ranges, the collapse of the company is clearly not expected, which suggests that this cryptocurrency will progress quickly and effectively for its owners. No need in hashing makes the process simple even for beginners – you just have to look for sources of cryptocurrency.
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