The company Ripple are willing to pay for the listing XRP cryptocurrency on major US exchanges

Ripple, a provider of cross-border payment solutions, is ready to provide "financial incentives" to major us exchanges for listing the digital currency XRP. It is reported Bloomberg.

As noted by the source,for inclusion in the listing of XRP in the III quarter of 2017 Ripple offered $1 million in cash owned by the Winklevoss brothers Gemini. In addition, for a similar purpose Ripple offered a loan of $100 million in the digital currency XRP trading platform Coinbase.

In a conversation with Bloomberg, ripple representative refused to comment on most of the issues related to possible cooperation with us platforms, but noted the following:

"We want XRP has become the most liquid digital asset which would provide the opportunity to make more rapid and cheap global payments".
Representatives of Gemini and Coinbase declined to comment.

Despite the fact that Ripple managed to minimize the gap between traditional banks and cryptocurrency companies, XRP digital asset is still missing in the listing of the largest us exchanges.

According to the lawyer of Clifford Chance Jess Overall, the fee for listing does not violate the law. However, he believes that everything can change if digital assets are classified by regulators as unregistered securities. In this case, both the platform and the Issuer of tokens will face fines.

Currently, Gemini and Coinbase can hardly boast of a wide selection of cryptocurrencies available for trading. So, in listing Gemini now only bitcoin and Ethereum, whereas a user-Coinbase — BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC.

Earlier, ForkLog reported that Ripple is ready to invest in projects, the organizers of which will Express a desire to use the XRP cryptocurrency in their products.
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