Monero community is waiting for the results of hard fork

The controversial hard fork of the anonymous cryptocurrency Monero was initiated this night, however its results are still unclear. This writes CoinDesk.
On the block number 1 546 000 (approximately at 05:20 GMT), an update of cryptocurrency software was launched, as evidenced by the data of the portal Oh. Given the ambiguity of the update, the community continues to monitor its dissemination.

Although hardforks are not uncommon for the Monero blockchain, the Latter stands out from the General background, as it is called upon to present a new consensus algorithm that will protect the network from the use of ASIC miners.

The decision to hold the hard fork was made in the light of the announcement of the manufacturer of equipment for mining cryptocurrency Bitmain about the release of the device focused on Monero, which he did last month. Following this, several user groups have announced that they do not support the new Monero development vector and are launching their own projects that will use the old code, including Monero Classic and Monero Original.

Consequently, the community continues to monitor the hash rate and the rate at which blocks are released on Monero's core network to determine what percentage of miners might have gone into third-party blockchains.

Hesitation hash rate caused panic on Reddit, but the developer of "hyc" reported that "it will take a few hours before you can judge the hash-reite network."

Observers also monitor activity on the old Monero blockchain and maintain a list of pools that have not yet updated their SOFTWARE to join the new chain.

The update also increased the size of the Monero ring from 5 to 7, which should help to increase the reliability of anonymous cryptocurrency tools and protect it from deanonymization, which in theory can happen with the launch of hard fork MoneroV.

"Many of us are still waiting with bated breath," hyc said.
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