Who Buterin Vitaly? – biography

Every year the world's growing level of popularity of Blockchain technology. One of the leading minds in using and developing this technology, is a native of the Russian Federation Vitaly Buterin, which is also known to many as the head of Ethereum.
This man is known around the world as one of the world's leading programmers. Today acne Buterin 23 years. He is currently working in Singapore. Experts of the financial world often argue among themselves about whether acne Buterin Saviour of the financial world or his killer.

Ethereum is created by acne Baleriny, the perfect distributed registry that allows you to exchange units of value with perfect accuracy, eliminating the possibility of errors. An outstanding programmer with your team strives to create a "New Testament" for the era of digital financial world.

Over the past few years, the Blockchain has become one of the most commonly used terms in the world of Finance. Specialized media are increasingly misleading about the development of this technology, such well-known banks like UBS, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and several other financial institutions. In recent time the word was even included in the dictionary of the English language.

Despite the fact that the origin of this concept is associated with the digital currency Bitcoin, it went far beyond it. Acne Buterin claims that this technology, which it seeks to improve, over time will create companies that will belong to themselves, and all kinds of agreements can be transferred to the self-executing digital contracts.

The beginning of the path
Acne Buterin was born on the territory of the Russian Federation in city Kolomna, in 1994. Then in 2000, the year he moved with his parents to Canada.

This man practically grew up in the Internet. In 10 years, acne Buterin programmed in C++. Allegedly an outstanding programmer, nor with whom he does not have so much in common, but with the Internet. This network allowed him to learn several foreign languages, which he currently successfully uses when visiting other countries during your business visits. While acne Buterin claims that not much like to communicate with other people in the real world, but on the Internet where he can meet like-minded people, an outstanding programmer can fully Express their own thoughts and emotions, using a special terminology.

However, in order to understand how acne became so, it is necessary to return in 2011-th year. The father of the future founder of Ethereum , is an entrepreneur, a programmer, said young doctors about the existence of the virtual currency Bitcoin, which interested him.

Genius-programmer early on began to study anarchist literature. He liked the writings of Kropotkin, Ayn Rand and Bakunin. However, the greatest influence on him of the work of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and Frederick Bastiat. Of them, he realized that financial resources are the main symbol of power. In other words, ruled the world the man who controls the cash flows. That's why Vitalik Buterin the idea to manage financial flows in a network the Internet.
The shortcomings of the financial system
In our time payment system are underdeveloped, and the level of security leaves much to be desired. Almost every user of such systems must provide personal details to strangers. According to Vitalik Buterin, this is absurd. In addition, he is revolted by the fact that the operations in the payment system still needs to pay. In each payment transaction involved multiple organizations, providing security and charge fees for the provision of its services. In other words, companies take money from users for a lack of trust. This factor is fundamental for the creation of multi-billion dollar industry and is the basis for a number of payment systems.

Vytalyk Buterin told that in the day when more familiarized with the digital currency Bitcoin, he realized that performing financial transactions without the participation of intermediaries real.

Bitcoin payments are arranged differently, and are virtually free. The size of the fee for them is relatively small and doesn't depend on the volume of transactions. Such transactions are used only anonymous recipient address and the sender.

Way Balerina in the world of digital currency began with the installation of the software for Bitcoin. To use this digital currency, each user is obliged to keep on your device a complete history of all payments of the network. Each device stores information that is available to all users. This eliminates the possibility of fraud in this area, which so often affected the banking system. The inability to falsify data due to the fact that the Blockchain is essentially an account book containing details of all transactions, a copy of which is stored on each user's computer. In the case of fraud one of the users or hacker attack on the computer of one of the clients will be discovered an infinite variety of evidence. That is why Bitcoin works.

Seventeen-year-old boy, was convinced that Bitcoin is the basis for the creation of a new, better world. And, each time earning a few coins of the virtual currency, he was certain that it makes the world a better place, and frees the world from the centralized custodians of funds.

The discovery potential of the Blockchain
In just one year acne Buterin became a well known figure in the Bitcoin world. Together with his friends he founded his own publishing house called Bitcoin Magazine. On the cover of the first published magazine was a picture of a guy Fawkes mask, which is known worldwide as a revolutionary. In addition, this image was used by members of hacker group called "Anonymous" that attracted publisher attention of the Italian secret services.

In 2013, the year during its Bitcoin conference an outstanding programmer realized that the Blockchain can be used not only in the financial system, but also as a safe for storage of property rights on property, securities and cars. Moreover, the technology of the distributed registry can be used for data transmission rights, thereby reducing the level of bureaucracy involved in the registration of these rights.

In the summer of 2013, the year Edward Snowden has provided information on how the NSA has infiltrated the Internet and monitor users. In that moment, he thought he was betrayed by his best and closest friend – the Internet. Then the fight for freedom within the network for an outstanding programmer has become a personal mission.

Soon, the future founder of Ethereum left teaching in the canadian University of Waterloo, where he studied programming. With funds received from the development of the Bitcoin network, he travels to various countries of the world.

In tel Aviv acne Buterin met with the developers that have already began to implement his dreams. They worked to create smart contracts, running independently without the need of legal procedures. Those contracts had to be at the expense of Blockchain technology.

The basis of Ethereum
In the process of implementation of this idea Vitalik saw that writing even the most simple contracts on the Blockchain created by Satoshi Nakamoto, demanded many efforts. That's why he made the decision to create their own blockchain, which would differ in versatility and high performance.

An outstanding programmer have formulated their own concept in the document, which brings together political ideas, mathematics and game theory, and called it all in one word Ethereum. This name was borrowed by the acne of Aristotle, who acknowledged the existence of a fifth, a comprehensive element – ether. Created Baleriny Blockchain had become widespread and to work on absolutely all types of devices.

He said about his own idea to their friends and soon gathered a team of talented programmers. Despite the fact that in the Bitcoin community believed that Buterin is a traitor, he became interested in the inhabitants of Silicon valley. The first investor of the project Vitalik was Peter Thiel, who earned his fortune in investing in social network Facebook and PayPal, providing outstanding programmer 100 thousand dollars.

Soon Buterin took the decision to conduct crowdfunding to raise funds to create their own decentralized platform for publications using Turing-complete programming language. Many investors believed that the success of an outstanding programmer. Thus, the result of crowdfunding, the company has collected $ 18 million. In 2014, the year acne was handed Ward Technology Awards.

The impact on banks
After the registration of the company remains relatively little time to run their own Blockchain, however, in reality, programmers expect a huge amount of work. In addition, they were expected to communicate with various institutions.

First received inquiries from companies including IBM and Samsung are willing to test new software. Then received a proposal from W3C on the invitation of Ethereum as a member of the "Global Commission for payment systems".

First applied to Ethereum financial institution became the Bank UBS, stating its intention to create a unique and modern scalable Deposit box, featuring a high level of security.

The first project in the banking sector was the creation of the smart bond. In addition, UBS considered the possibility of creating a specialized platform for trading shares, which would be based on its own distributed registry. Also considered the possibility of replacing clearing-houses, characterized by high complexity. Moreover, this idea visited not only the head of UBS, but the heads of other large and influential banks. By implementing these ideas, banks could save a lot.

Soon after, in London held a meeting at which the question blockchain enterprises of 12 most influential banks in the world, which involved directly acne Buterin. All participants understand that in the case of ignoring new technologies or fight them traditional financial institutions can be "on the sidelines". According to many experts, the Blockchain created by acne Butterini, can change the entire banking world.

As a result of this meeting was a positive decision on the establishment of the blockchain enterprises.

Vitaliy Buterin today
At the moment Vitaliy Buterin live in Singapore. In addition, it is included in top 10 most influential people, the age not exceeding 40 years, according to the publishing Fortune.

An outstanding programmer is also included in the top 600 of the brightest individuals under the age of 30 years, according to Forbes magazine.
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