Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Interesting facts about him

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the Creator of bitcoin, a digital currency, the emergence of which caused a real storm in the world of Finance.
The secret of Satoshi's personality was solved by many, including the world's leading publications-and all without success. Here are the 15 main facts about it that every crypto fan should know.

1. The birth of bitcoin
For the first time, bitcoin was described in a nine-page article. And after a few months after its publication around Satoshi Nakamoto has developed a scattered team, which helped him to develop ON the Bitcoin network. This lasted until 2011, when Satoshi suddenly disappeared without saying a word to anyone.

2. Alias
On November 1, 2008, an email describing the bitcoin concept was sent to the cryptographic mailing list. It was also sent to many leading specialists in cryptography, known for their interest in decentralized solutions. The letter was signed by Satoshi Nakamoto. At first it seemed that a person with this name should be Japanese, but the description of bitcoin is made in perfect English, which makes you doubt it.

3. Satoshi is not one person?

Many experts believe that Satoshi is a collective pseudonym. Even Laszlo Changes (bitcoin developer) once said:

"For one person's work, bitcoin is too well thought out."
4. Personal fortune
Although in 2011 Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared without a trace, it is known that about a million bitcoins are stored in his account. Based on the exchange rate as at 2 March 2018, it is about 10 945 $ 700,000, and the peak value of bitcoin Satoshi capital amounted to 19.4 billion dollars (i.e. it could take the 44th place in the ranking of the richest people in the world).

It is known that Satoshi spent only about 500 bitcoins — it is only 0.0005% of the total amount. And many believe that if he decided to spend all the coins at once, it would provoke a mass sale and destabilized the entire crypto economy.

5. Nomination for the Nobel prize
In 2015 Satoshi Nakamoto was nominated for the Nobel prize in economic Sciences Bhagwan Chaudhary, a Finance Professor from Los Angeles.

6. Communication with colleagues
It is believed that Satoshi never communicated with any of the users of the Bitcoin network by phone or in person, preferring e-mail and forums. Today, many sites published his correspondence with other developers.

7. The idea of a limited offer
So there is a new BTC, it must be "mined" by doing complex calculation. Satoshi's idea was to make it increasingly difficult as new bitcoins were created. He wrote:

"To compensate for the development of the equipment, the complexity of calculations to confirm transactions should be defined as a moving average, where the target is the average number of blocks per hour. If they are created too quickly, the complexity increases."
8. Nakamoto-man of the year according to BI
In 2013, Business Insider named Satoshi Nakamoto the winner in the nomination "the most impressive person of the year".

9. Nakamoto is a group of companies?
There is a comic assumption that Satoshi Nakamoto is a group of four Asian technology companies: Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi and Motorola: "sa" by Samsung, "toshi" by Toshiba, "naka" by Nakamichi and "moto" by Motorola.

10. Satoshi is dead?
There is a version that Satoshi Nakamoto is Hal Finney, the first person to receive a bitcoin transfer. But Finney died in 2014 from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and may have taken the mystery with him to the grave.

11. Means of identification

Satoshi used advanced methods of encryption and hiding the source in his messages, but despite all efforts, he left his own words to those who are looking for him, the most important means of identification.

12. Stylometry
The national security Agency of the USA used the method of stylometry, that is, stylistic analysis of the text, to compare Satoshi's messages with samples of texts belonging to billions of people from all over the world.

First they found 50 most frequently used words in Satoshi Nakamoto's letters, then divided the text into 5000 fragments and calculated the frequency with which these words occur in these fragments — as a result, a unique 50-digit identifier was calculated for each fragment. The specialists then placed each of these numbers in a 50-dimensional space and projected them onto a plane using the principal component method. The result is a "digital imprint" of Satoshi's texts, which can be compared to any other written source.

13. The discovery of the NSA
With the help of specially written SOFTWARE and huge computing resources, the analysts of the NSA managed to identify Satoshi — for this it was necessary to create "digital prints" of trillions of works belonging to more than a billion authors. The work took less than a month and was crowned with success.

14. However, his name has not been disclosed
Except for NSA, real name Satoshi Nakamoto very few people know.

15. Not the last but still the best
Bitcoin is not the last digital currency, but Satoshi Nakamoto managed to come up with a simple and very reliable system, combining previous developments and adding his own ideas.

He solved one of the biggest problems of online transactions: the possibility of fraud. In the real world, this task is solved by centralized control, but Satoshi found a way to remove the intermediary, offering to make all transactions public, so that the legality of the transaction was confirmed by all participants of the network. In his 2008 article, which describes bitcoin, he writes:

"We have proposed a system of electronic transactions, where no one needs to believe the word" — now it seems that this line will be remembered by many generations.
As said the American entrepreneur Eric Voorhes:

"Imagine, after so many years, and the bitcoin Protocol was never able to crack. This is a huge achievement."
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