Hardwork: the only solution to the problems of the Bitcoin network Cash

Lately the Bitcoin network, Cash there are a number of disadvantages. One of them is the instability of the network that can run for several days very quickly, after which the same days can stand. A second disadvantage of the network is the rapid emergence of Bitcoin tokens Cash, which leads to rapid inflation of digital currency.

As of today, annual inflation digital currency Bitcoin Cash is 16 percent, while the token Bitcoin inflation rate is 4 percent. Not less important disadvantage is the vulnerability of the network to attacks by cyber criminals, which is 51 per cent. This means that the network may soon simply be destroyed.

The reason for all the above problems experts believe DDA and EDA that are malfunctioning. Only a few times a month mining the digital currency Bitcoin Cash becomes more profitable production of the original tokens Bitcoin. These days all the miners of the digital currency go to the production of new tokens, for which the complexity of their production increases sharply, and the miners soon return to the mining coins Bitcoin.

All the above disadvantages of the network led to the fact that on 13 November this year will be held hairfork. The main purpose of this event is to raise the level of productivity, and changes in the allocation algorithm complexity. In addition, the developers plan to split Blockchain into multiple networks, so users may not expect "free" tokens, together with a hard forks.

Previously Juan Havrilla, the developer Bitprim already declared its intention to hold hardwork. According to his statement, the most significant problem of the network is the algorithm of recalculation of complexity. In accordance with his statement, in this situation, when the miners of the digital currency, there have been challenges with timely detection blocks, his version will give the possibility to recalculate at a speed higher than 2016 blocks.

Recently, the project was not ready-made solutions. However, according to the statement by Amaury Sechet, is the developer of Bitcoin ABC, the solution was found. He developed a new algorithm, in the testing process which involved the developers nChain, solves the following problems:

recalculates the complexity, making the creation time of the block will be 600 seconds;
eliminates the possibility of changing the complexity of mining virtual currency with a stable Hasrat;
speeds up the process of recalculation when you change Hasrat;
increases the level of resistance to various attacks, among which, management of time metics.
Hardwork Bcash will be produced almost simultaneously with hardforum SegWit2x. However, according to the statement, Gavrila, these events are not interrelated and are merely coincidental. In addition, the original developers of client ABC planned a hard forks after SegWit2x, but the current situation is in need of finding a solution in the shortest possible time.
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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a version of Bitcoin obtained as a result of the hard fork of the original blockchain. As part of the Protocol, Bitcoin Cash almost completely repeats Bitcoin: PoW with the hash algorithm SHA-256; the maximum issue volume is 21 million coins; the same block time and the same reward system. CEO Bitcoin.com and a prominent supporter of Bitcoin Cash Roger Ver is convinced that the fall in the price of this cryptocurrency is a temporary phenomenon. In the near future, BCH will not only continue to grow steadily, but will also surpass the price of bitcoin. He said this in an interview with CCN. Bitcoin Cash forecast, today's forecast of the Bitcoin Cash exchange rate for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. The rate of coins for tomorrow, the week and month. Bitcoin Cash rate today. Bitcoin Cash to dollars Converter and back.