Mike Hearn asked that the community Bitcoin Cash not to repeat the mistakes of Bitcoin

Former Bitcoin Core developer and one of the early promoters of bitcoin Mike Hearn broke a long silence and held an AMA session ("Ask me anything") on Reddit, during which he shared his thoughts about the current state of Affairs in the crypto industry. In particular, he criticized the fork Bitcoin Cash, noting that today this project is very similar to the bitcoin community in 2014. And it, according to him, "isn't good".

During the session, hirn spoke about his attempts to transform the bitcoin Protocol in 2015 and early 2016, which eventually led to its withdrawal from the project.

Together with Gavin Andresen, hirn developed software to increase the maximum block size and proposed a hard fork. The initiative found no support, after which hirn left the Bitcoin Core development team, and then the entire community, saying that bitcoin "failed".

Today, says Mike hirn, the audience of Bitcoin Cash is very similar to the bitcoin community in 2014.

"Bitcoin Cash is very similar to the bitcoin community in 2014. It's not good," hirn said.
In his opinion, Bitcoin Cash, bitcoin as of 2014, the lack of "formal control", while much of the discussion is on Reddit, where "users can censor unpopular points of view."

In this regard, hirn advised Bitcoin Cash users to" find an alternative forum", where"the power of moderators will be limited, and users will be able to freely discuss and evaluate views on future upgrades."

In particular, Hearne described as "alarming" the fact that may in the blockchain Bitcoin Cash scheduled hardwork, but warned about him just a month before the activation, and thus "there was no attempt to assess its support to the users."

"Now this question does not cause contradictions in the community, but for many organizations to plan and test the software in just a month is not an easy task. There is a risk that miners who have updated software will accidentally find themselves in a chain with less hashrate and they will have to “roll back”. Because of this, they can become even more conservative than they are now," hirn said.
However, he also urged the community "to be bolder»:

"Free yourself and stop just following the path that Satoshi has conceived, and be prepared to think radically, sometimes even heretically," hirn summed up.
After leaving the bitcoin ecosystem, Mike Hearn has joined the Bank consortium of R3. Soon after, he said that Blockstream in General and its co-founder Gregory Maxwell in particular were the main sources of the problems the cryptocurrency faces.
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