Startup Mobius held ICO at $39 million on the blockchain Stellar

Co-founder and President of Mobius Network David Gobos (David Gobaud) explains why his startup has launched its initial public offering token (ICO) in the network Stellar, not Ethereum. In his comments he also stressed the growing interest of some members of the community to a fast and cheap way of making payments, since Ethereum, like Bitcoin, have not yet found the opportunity to scale.
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Cryptocurrency isn't a bubble. Fiat money worth nothing

As they say in the world CIA fact book, the total cost to Fiat of broad money supply in the world is about 100 trillion dollars, which is roughly comparable to the world's GDP, if you include the black markets. For comparison, the value of all existing crypto-currencies is "only" $ 150 billion. However, today, cryptocurrencies are no longer just a digital measure of value is a platform for the development of a global decentralized applications, the future Internet or Web 3.0. And yet still there are skeptics trying to compare crypto-boom with the dot-com bubble of the century.
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